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Thread: Cinehollywood

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    came in today

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    beautiful in Italian!

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    yes in iatalian

    still need 2 titles to complete my cinehollywood spaghetti western collection:
    - Wanted JohnnyTexas
    - La Pazienza Ha un Limite Noi No

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    and another one!!!!

    still looking for:
    La Pazienza Ha un Limite Noi No

    to complete the cinehollywood spaghetti western collection

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    very rare, well done. in Italian linguage!

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    yes the tape has italian language .... cinehollywood only released this movie with italian audio.

    tape and sleeve are in mint condition ......

    also found carambola on ssv ..... still looking for django spara per primo to complete my ssv spaghetti western collection.

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