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    Hi there,
    I am a filmenthusiast for decades and pretty much active in a german forum. Wish I could find more time for this great place!
    I formed a Label for ltd. Vinyl & CD releases dedicated to music connected strongly to Eurocultfilm & music means all artists which I will work with do like the Cinema from the 60`s - 80`s and make music in the spirit of this golden age.
    Check this out, you might like it! Any help in distributing or promoting the stuff is welcome!

    here some videoclips from our acts!

    First 2 releases last week of april!

    THELEMA (sounds like a mix of Twin Peaks and Portishead)

    MALABIMBA (devoted to poliziesco & giallo music)

    June we will continue with ZOLTAN! (in the vein of Zombi, Goblin, Frizzi meets Tangerine Dream!

    thanks for the attention!

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    July we will have 2 7" EP releases on Cineploit, both devoted to Italian Masters!
    First a LUCIO FULCI Tribute with coverversions of Fabio Frizzi and Walter Rizzati Songs to L'aldilà and Quella villa accanto al cimitero - check the video!

    then an MARCELLO GIOMBINI / JOE D' AMATO Tribute with songs of Antropophagus and Le Notti erotiche dei morti viventi

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    Cine 01 - THELEMA - Hearing the Light
    Cine 02 - MALABIMBA - MalaBimba

    on 180g Vinyl and Digi CD, first 200 LP's come with Bonus CD!

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    Presale started on our next 2 releases, this time Tributes to Italian Maestros!

    7“ EP „Omaggio a Joe D’Amato e Marcello Giombini“ by Deak Ferance & Roger Conrad

    350 limited edition, bloodred/black Splattervinyl, glossy laminated Cover, printed Innersleeves with movie stills, shrink wrapped!

    9,- Euro plus shipping (4,- EU and 6,- Rest of the World)

    12“ EP „Omaggio a Lucio Fulci e Fabio Frizzi come anche Walter Rizzati“ by Alain Leonard & Alex Wank

    350 limited edition, Splattervinyl, special Vinyl gimmick, UV Lettering, printed Innersleeves with tons of movie stills, shrink wrapped!

    13,- Euro plus shipping (7,- EU and 10,- Rest of the World)

    Combine shipping 7,- EU und 10,- Rest of se Mondo

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    Exploit 01 D'Amato/Giombini Trinute & Exploit 02 Fulci/Frizzi Tribute Vinyls!

    order at

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    September 16th Cine 03 ZOLTAN "First Stage Zoltan" was released, a fantastic Synthprog Trip in a very cinematic way!
    If Michael Mann ever remade “Zombie Holocaust” the soundtrack might sound something like this. For fans of Goblin, Rush, Zombi and John Carpenter.

    It is with great pleasure to announce the release date of our final releases for 2012 and these two will be absolute stunning & wonderful ones!!!!

    Cine 04 will be ORGASMO SONORE "Revisiting obscure Film music Vol. 2"

    and simultaneously

    Cine 05 SOSPETTO "Segni misteriosi, con il sangue dipinto sul muro"

    Both releases are full length LP´s and the first 250 copies will include a Bonus CD of the album. There will be also an limited edition of 250 Digi´s released
    Presales are starting soon so keep coming back and stay tuned! You won´t regret it, two Masterpieces are coming!!!

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